Why the build-to-rent lifestyle is perfect for young professionals

You may have heard millennials referred to as ‘Generation Rent’. This group of young people have grown up in a time when owning a property has seemed increasingly like a distant dream, with many opting to spend most of their adult lives renting.

It comes as no surprise, then, that a large chunk of this age group has been naturally drawn to build-to-rent apartments, opting for a flexible, comfortable style of living which puts resident needs first and takes much of the hassle out of being a renter.

In this blog, we’ll be explaining exactly why young professionals and BTR homes are a match made in heaven…

Location, location, location

Amenity and ease are the order of the day at build-to-rent schemes such as Clayworks, which is why so many of them are located in the beating hearts of city centres.

Developers and investors want residents to be close to everything a city has to offer, meaning you can often rent a build-to-rent flat which is a stone’s throw from bars, restaurants, gyms, galleries, museums, and close to all local public transport.

Take Clayworks, for example: in our neighbourhood, we’re just around the corner from The Quarter Café, Klay’s, Bottel Craft, The Slamwich Club, and all the phenomenal independents that call Piccadilly home. Meeting your friends for post-work dinner and drinks has never been more convenient!

Being connected to public transport or walking distance to work also makes commuting a breeze.

Getting social

One of the key selling points of a build-to-rent apartment is how sociable the wider development usually is.

A team of friendly on-site staff, made up of community managers and concierges, play a big role in fostering a community spirit and looking after resident welfare.

They coordinate a diverse, vibrant events programme for occupiers, which includes everything from summer barbeques and Christmas parties to group yoga sessions and craft workshops.

For young professionals who may have moved away from home to climb the career ladder in a city, build-to-rent living is a perfect way to meet a whole host of likeminded neighbours who they can form last friendships with.


Let’s face it – between holding down a job, going to networking events, seeing friends, making time for loved ones, enjoying hobbies and trying to practice a little self-care, the life of a young professional can be hectic.

That’s why build-to-rent is the perfect solution for busy millennials, as every amenity you may need is brought under one roof and right to your front door.

Most build-to-rent apartments offer perks such as gyms, parcel services, an app which lets residents book maintenance appointments, and a 24/7 concierge who can offer recommendations on places to eat or where the best dry-cleaning service is located. The high-end (and high price) BTR blocks can even include things like dog grooming services, swimming pools, spas, cinemas and private chefs – all included in the price of your monthly rent.

Clayworks offers a fantastic level of amenity, coupled with an abundance of shared spaces, such as a rooftop garden, resident’s lounge, and co-working space – so if you’re working from home, you can do so in a professional, clean and comfortable environment, with superfast Wi-Fi.


Moving house is almost always a stressful experience, and build-to-rent apartment block managers often put measures in place to alleviate some of that stress. Many blocks offer move-in day appointments overseen by the site team, and will incorporate the ‘little’ touches such as arranging permits for moving vans where necessary, and conducting site tours once you’re settled in.

Build-to-rent apartments usually benefit from a degree of flexibility where contracts are considered, too.  Long-term renters can be granted security with long-term contracts, and younger people whose living situations may change rapidly can often be accommodated for too.

The ease of having things like Wi-Fi and cycle storage included in the monthly rent cost means that your list of things to worry about when moving is smaller and easier to tackle.

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How build-to-rent can help to combat urban loneliness

A 2018 survey from The Economist revealed that more than two in ten adults in the UK often feel lonely, lack companionship, or feel left out or isolated.

A similar piece of research released in October 2018 by the BBC also found that a third of Brits said they often or very often feel lonely.

The UK is in the grips of a loneliness epidemic, and its impact is concerning – scientists found in a 2017 report that loneliness is as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

The number of single households is on the rise, and due to increase by a quarter (1.7m) by 2039, according to government projections. Therefore, many working-age Britons spend a sizeable chunk of their time commuting, getting their heads down at work, and coming home in the evening to an empty house.

Slipping into this routine can see isolation quickly becoming the norm, with many people not realising how little social interaction they’re experiencing day-to-day for some time. Big cities tend to lack the tight-knit community feel often found in smaller towns and villages, making urban loneliness especially widespread in this day and age.

How build-to-rent can help

However, the rise and rise of build-to-rent living presents the UK with a unique opportunity to help combat the loneliness problem creeping in to our cities.

Build-to-rent apartments – sprung from the American multifamily style of living – are designed in a way which puts community at their very heart, incorporating far more shared space than is typically found in traditional PRS schemes.

Clayworks, for example, offers co-working space, a roof terrace, a private, landscaped courtyard, and a residents’ lounge – all free for people who live in the apartments to use however they’d like to. Each of these spaces encourage socialising between occupiers, and will play host to a variety of events throughout the year – meaning that residents will be able to share and bond over experiences together.

Events usually found in apartment blocks such as Clayworks can span everything from yoga to macramé workshops; Friday evening drinks to French lessons; and pop culture discussions to pop-up food stalls. They offer residents a relaxed, informal and familiar setting in which to forge new friendships, with likeminded people who may only live a few floors away.

A team that cares

Build-to-rent schemes also have a dedicated team of staff who can play a pivotal role in helping to ward off isolation and promote a community spirit.

Ordinarily, as the role requires so much face-to-face customer service, people appointed as community managers and concierges in developments like Clayworks are friendly, helpful and outgoing. It’s also their responsibility to have up-to-the-minute knowledge on what’s happening in and around Stoke-on-Trent – meaning they can recommend to you events taking place around the city based on your interests, allowing you to meet and connect with likeminded people.

They’re also big on resident welfare, getting to know you and your habits, likes and dislikes on a personal level.

Pets welcome!

And if you’re a natural introvert? Not to worry – many build-to-rent apartments are pet friendly, meaning your four-legged friends can come along for the ride. Studies have shown that animals, especially dogs, can be instrumental in helping to combat loneliness.

Overall, build-to-rent apartments like Clayworks help to foster real communities in their buildings, providing residents with ample opportunity to interact with each other and socialise. In today’s tech-first world, where FaceTime calls can often replace face-to-face conversations, experiencing human contact has never been more crucial.

Build-to-rent offers that in spades, in a stylish and modern setting – putting occupier needs first and making your life as comfortable as possible.

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