Why the build-to-rent lifestyle is perfect for families

Statistics show that the number of families living in the private rented sector (PRS) has increased by 103% in just 10 years – with families now making up 1 in 6 privately rented households.

Build-to-rent is an ever-expanding sub-sect of the private rented sector, with new schemes like Clayworks appearing all over the UK. Appetite for the apartments in these developments is particularly high among young, urbane demographics – but what about families?

In this piece, we’ll look to talk about how build-to-rent can help support a thriving family environment, and why more young families should consider making the jump to a BTR flat of their very own.

Third space

Build-to-rent developments focus heavily on the ‘third space’ – that’s to say, communal areas and shared spaces. These can encompass residents’ lounges, roof terraces, and gardens, as Clayworks is set to have, in order to encourage social interaction.

With younger occupiers, this can mean they have a number of go-to areas to socialise and share a drink or a coffee. For families, though, it can offer a ready-made space for children to play together, which is conveniently close to home and safe. The closer quarters of apartments can be offset by the larger, relaxing communal spaces, where parents have time to unwind and keep an eye on little ones.

These areas also provide a degree of flexibility to parents who might work full-time – Clayworks comes equipped with a state-of-the-art co-working space with superfast WiFi, meaning professional parents can easily work from home and don’t have to worry about footing the cost of childcare.


Build-to-rent developments are known for their robust, diverse events programmes, which can see activities like craft workshops and yoga put on for residents in shared spaces.

Concierges aim to make the schedules of events bespoke, tailoring them around what occupiers would like to see – so any residents with children could benefit from having family-friendly pop-ups taking place on their doorsteps.

Safe and sound

Build-to-rent developments such as Clayworks boast a high level of security, with concierge desks often manned round-the-clock and fob access required to gain entry into all areas of the building. This means families can rest easy in the knowledge that their children will be safe when exploring the building, and that come night time, their apartments will be secure.

Friendly, dedicated teams

On-site concierge teams are par for the course in build-to-rent apartment blocks, with a full suite of staff on hand to ensure that residents can enjoy hassle-free day-to-day lives. It’s the responsibility of the concierges to know everything that’s going on in the local area, so Clayworks’ friendly team, for example, would be able to point parents in the direction of family-friendly clay workshops happening at Middleport Pottery, or help source tickets for Just So Festival.

On a more practical level, staff at Clayworks would also be able to make recommendations for local childcare providers for busy, working parents – helping to tick one more thing off a long to-do list.


We get it: Accidents happen. Accidents can happen even more when curious little minds start exploring their surroundings! If someone (ahem) has decided to fill your dishwasher with washing-up liquid and set it off, the Clayworks residents’ app will allow you to quickly submit a maintenance report and schedule a convenient time for a handyman to come round and take a look at it.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re a local parent reading this and you think that high-quality, secure, apartments with a built-in supportive lifestyle sounds good to you, get in touch with our lettings team to discuss your options.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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